On-Demand Delivery

Neoreef OneNet is an On-Demand web platform that is easy to use, fast to deploy, affordable and provides businesses with unique benefits that are simply not possible with traditional client/server solutions.

Key benefits of Neoreef's on-demand model are:

Low Upfront Costs:
With Neoreef OneNet, you avoid the hidden costs and hassles of traditional web site deployment. Neoreef OneNet is an on-demand service, so there is no software or hardware to buy, no expensive installations, no maintenance fees, no costly upgrades, and no incremental IT resources required. Neoreef's subscription pricing includes everything you need, so you wont be surprised later by hidden technology and personnel costs that can quickly add up to two to five times your original licensing fees.

Performance guarantees and network availability:
Every Neoreef OneNet subscription comes with a service level agreement (SLA) guaranteeing our customers a minimum planned uptime and availability of 99.9%. But dont just take our word for it, see for yourself how weve exceeded this promise. Since the inception of the service in 2001, Neoreef OneNet has had better than 99.996% uptime, providing our customers with unparalleled service performance and availability.

Your data will be secured and protected offsite in real time:
Neoreef hosting partners provide the highest level of secure facilities and server management so that your data backed up and safe.  Best-in-class, security infrastructure protects your critical web property assets.  We take protection of your web property seriously, and continuously invest to ensure we are always on the leading edge.

Our organized support network will ensure you receive maximum value from the system:
Neoreef understands the importance of a quality support infrastructure. That is why we have organized extensive training courses, robust online help systems with animated tutorials, and help lines with people who have actually engineered the application.

Future changes to the design will be affordable and easy:
When your organization makes image/identity changes, it will be very simple to reflect those changes on the web. OneNet offers complete separation of presentation from content. Just update the look in one place and it will be reflected everywhere.  Additionally, please refer to our network of creative designers and artists who can help make your identity and brand stand-out.

The solution will not become outmoded or outdated:
Neoreef is committed to providing the best web platform solution for your current and future needs. We innovate constantly, listening to our customers needs and automatically providing them with a new release of our software every three to four months.  With a custom web solution, you might get an update every two to three years, after thousands of dollars in development costs and maintenance fees. But with Neoreef, you get access to the latest features and functionality; seamlessly, effortlessly, painlessly.