Can your website partner offer free support?

Get friendly, competent support on your schedule. Spend less time waiting on hold and more time working with our support specialists. Outstanding support from a real, live person is included completely free with OneNet packages.

Neoreef hosting packages include hosting, storage, support, and training—OneNet is a powerful tool and we like seeing our clients get the most from it. Your OneNet site will have a dedicated service and support specialist who has worked on and is familiar with your individual site to provide support any time you need it. Additionally, OneNet websites guarantee 99.999% uptime—that means OneNet websites are down for less than 5 minutes per year. Imagine the extra sales your business could pull in if it was closed for only five minutes a year.

If you're interested in taking control of your online business and making your website work for you, complete the contact form below and explore the Neoreef website to check out Neoreef OneNet.

Features at a glance

HTML Editors

OneNet features one of the best web based HTML editors available with functions that mimic industry leading word processors.

Easy Wizards

OneNet wizards walk you through multi-step processes advising you each step of the way. Just another way we put the “easy” in your OneNet website.


Quickly rearrange content on your pages with OneNet’s drag-n-drop functionality. Just drag content where you what it and your site is updated in real-time.

Content Scheduling

It won’t record your favorite TV shows, but you can schedule it to do about anything else. You pick the pages or applications and schedule them to turn on and off whenever you want.

Geographic Control

OneNet enables you to choose what people see based on their geographic location, and allows you to put things into spatial perspective with integrated mapping.

OneNet Catalog

With OneNet, new capabilities are always only a click away. In the OneNet catalog you will find new on-demand applications to extend your web site.

It is critical that I am able to adapt and adjust to site trends and client needs without having to depend or wait on someone else. Neoreef allowed me to take my site into my own hands.