Now with Neoreef, businesses only need one website to reach both desktop and mobile users

Instead of having a seperate mobile website, Neoreef optimizes your content to your user's device, so you always look your best.

Light weight mobile pages for frequently used options.

Now 45% of ALL Internet traffic are mobile devices.

In just a few short years those little devices we have grown to love have turned the Internet on it’s head. Keyword-- little.

Chances are your current website doesn’t look so great on one of those little buggers. Lot’s of tap-tap, pinch, scroll, scroll, scroll...

You need a website that is formated to fit those diminutive proportions, but how do you do that?

  • Build and maintain website #2? Nooo...
  • Bolt on a cheesy 3rd party mobile business card? Nope...
Why not just get a website that knows the difference and optimizes your content for the users device instead? That’s it!



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Did you Know?

If you have a Neoreef website already, then your website is already mobile capable. Just contact your Neoreef representative and they?ll go over how to enable it.