Customer Benefits

A successful business needs to stand-out from the rest.  Extending your brand, market reach, and customer service capabilities are key to growing your business and the web has become a vital channel for your outreach.  Neoreef OneNet enables you to focus your valuable marketing dollars and resources on creating differentiated content and services without losing time and money in unnecessary custom development.

A site based on Neoreef OneNet is not a traditional web site, it is much more. Neoreef OneNet is a Service Delivery Platform for launching, operating and maintaining Internet, Intranet, and Extranet web content, services and applications. It is a truly revolutionary way of leveraging the web to dramatically increase efficiencies and lower operating costs for your business.

Users will be able to securely update content, add new applications, perform e-commerce operations and collect and process data in order to grow bottom line results. There are no static pages in a OneNet site, every request to the system returns content dynamically generated for that user based on a variety of conditions, such as security clearance, geography, user preferences or system information from third party and legacy systems.

Using Neoreef OneNet, businesses are able to:

Customize Visitor Experiences:
Deliver Relevance
Website visitors want information that is relevant to them, not generalized for the masses.  OneNet customizes the visitor's experience in real-time by utilizing information such as geography, user profiling, security clearance, and scheduling.  This intelligence enables cost savings by routing the visitor to the appropriate information, avoiding frustration and resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Empower the Individual: 
Hands on, not a Hand off
Most websites are built as an inflexible, short-term, custom solution using technical knowledge that requires skilled labor.  Because of this , companies don't maximize the use of their websites and are missing important opportunities.  Neoreef OneNet empowers the individual business users to be hands-on and leverage the web to conduct business.  This decentralization enables business agility required for long-term success.

Real-time Collaboration: 
Teamwork without Fumbles
Teamwork is working together - even when apart.  Using the same technologies that power your web site, users can share, communicate and collaborate using on-line tools that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime

Integrate Business Partners: 
Streamline Process
Businesses rely on strategic partners of all types including suppliers, re-sellers, consultants and contractors in order to get business done.  With OneNet, you can engage your partners to become an integral part of your business, and you with theirs.  By sharing and collaborating through your extranet, across time zones, and from multiple locations work can be accelerated, yielding faster results.