Q.  What is Neoreef's Corporate Address

1880 S. Colbalt Point Way
Suite 210
Meridian, ID 83642

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Q.  What are important dates for Neoreef?

Here is a list of important events in the history of Neoreef.

Date Event
Feb. 2002 Neoreef founded
Feb. 2003 Neoreef releases it's first content management service Mako
Mar. 2003 Neoreef sells it's first volume license for Mako
May 2003 Neoreef incorporates
Sept. 2003 Neoreef moves to Nampa Idaho and enter TECenter incubator
Jan. 2004 Neoreef launches it's second content management system Builder
June 2004 All customers transitioned to Builder 
 Nov. 2006 Neoreef launches the OneNet application management system replacing all previous CMS versions
Aug. 2007 Neoreef launches the OneNet on-demand application & services catalog 
Nov. 2007 All customers are rolled over to OneNet

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Q.  Who are on Neoreef's Board of Directors?

Here are the members of Neoreef's board of directors.

Board of Directors
Brian Ernesto President & Cheif Executive Officer, Neoreef Corporation
Nathan Pope Creative Director, Neoreef Corporation

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